Happy Valentine's day
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Boost up your snow shred style with Stance

Let your personality shine through, well, your socks! With the Stance Snow you will not only get functionality and great performance but also some unique design to show your character. Don’t underestimate the sock!

If you want to know who else wears the same socks as you, check the vast list of Stance ambassadors, including names like Rihanna, surfer John John, skaters Norra Vasconcellos and Lizard King, snowboarders Sage Kotsenburg and Chris Grenier and many, many more. Just join the funky sock crew!

Apart from cool designs, Stance Snow socks will keep you warm and boost your ski/snowboard performance, using the newest technologies and fabrics. Better blood circulation, lightweight and breathability are just a few of the goodies you are getting.

In the case of Stance, pictures say a thousand words - they simply make your feet funky!

P.S. They will even look cool hanging on your mantelpiece waiting for Santa's presents ;)

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