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We love gear and love spending hours looking for new parts to make our BMX setup that bit better. We’ve gathered a few of our new parts and completes, and some of our best deals there is to find at SkatePro right now.

From the sweet looking and great performing Fiction 20” Troop BMX Tires to the crazy Haro “CK” Chad Kerley Freestyle Frame, which is a masterpiece, to the Stolen Casino Complete, a bike that really gives you value for very little money.

Last up we have the best-selling Wethepeople Battleship 2018 Frame, which is made for street riding thanks to its short chainstay.

The craziest parts you have ever seen

Tires are key to your riding experience. First of all, you want a good grip, second of all you want a minimal rolling resistance, and last up, you want maximum durability, so you don’t get a flat if you’re doing a sketchy stair jump.

The Fiction 20” Troop BMX Tires give you all that and even more. These babies come in a bunch of crazy colors and patterns - which will not only add some personality to your setup but also make sure to catch all the other riders’ eyes in the park or on the streets.

The best news is that even though they look expensive they’re made for budget-buyers who looks for parts that have a high value for money.

Ride the same frame as the legend

We were so hyped when the Haro “CK” Chad Kerley Freestyle Frame was released and we’re still loving every inch of it.

The CK frame features a very short 13” chainstay, making the bike more maneuverable on tiny spaces. Thanks to a short rear-end it’s easier to maintain your balance when you’re doing tricks like manuals. This frame comes in a brakeless design, meaning it’s not possible to install brakes.

Right now we have a good deal on this world-class frame. You find this sick frame with a 20.75” and 21” top tube, and you can choose between a white or black version.

A pro bike at an entry-level price

This bike just rolled into our warehouse, and we must admit that we’re quite impressed about the Stolen Casino 20" 2019 Freestyle BMX Bike. Thanks to the parts on this complete, you get very close to a pro bike, but you’re only paying an entry-level price.

Just look at the Casino's frame, which is made of hi-ten steel, which gives you a very durable bike, or the geometry of this bike, which makes it very versatile. And oh yeah, then there are the crazy colors.

You can’t go wrong with this one

The Wethepeople Battleship 2018 is the best-selling street frame in the history of the company. This frame does not only come in a crazy yellow, sick matt green and classic black color - It’s made out of Japanese steel which makes it super durable.

The company hooked up with their team riders, Dan Kruk and Jordan Godwin on the geometry of the frame. This collab has, among other things, resulted in a 13” short chainstay, which leaves you with a highly responsive bike. This makes it easier for you to do manuals and tricks like 360's and 180's.

The frame is a must-try for any rider out there and what better time to get one, than right now where we have a sale on these street shredding machines. You’ll find the Battleship in both 20.75” and 21”.


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