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RampCamp 2018 was crazy

Some serious shredding took place at the CIB RampCamp 2018 in Berlin. Weren’t you one of the lucky ones to go to this sold out camp? Then we’re here with a recap for you.

Copyright: CIB Berlin

The sun was shining and the thermometer showed summer as 40 aggressive quad skaters gathered to learn new tricks, acquire new skills and form new friendships.

One of them was Rikke Robsahm, who traveled more than 355km to attend this year’s camp, which was hosted by the Berlin Chapter of Chicks In Bowls an organization that aims to empower, inspire and spread their passion for skating.

Copyright: CIB Berlin

“There aren’t many aggressive quad skaters in Denmark, so it’s great to be able to roll with others that are as passionate as me. Going to RampCamp really inspired me as a skater and gave me ideas about new things to do. Furthermore, I’ve gotten a lot of tips on how to do tricks” she says and adds,

“The people there were so great, and the teachers were some of the biggest stars within quad skating. It really gave me a boost and leaves me hungry to learn more and progress. And this is really something that I can use when I’m back home where the community is very small.”

Verts, bowls, stairs, and rails

The sessions at RampCamp took place in Mellowpark and Skatehalle Berlin where the girls shredded the bowls and verts during the two days the event took place.

Copyright: CIB Berlin

“The first day was all about vert, where I learned to do 360 rotations both frontside and fakie on the mini ramp. I’ve worked a lot on landing them clean every time, but I’ve never managed to do so. But thanks to a few pointers from the teachers, I’ve learned how to do it”, Rikke says and continues,

“There is also a lot to gain by looking at the instructors and their amazing flow. When I skate I do 2-3 tricks per line. But these girls can just keep going, and with such grace. That is really something I can take with me back home and practice on.”

Copyright: CIB Berlin

But it was not all about vert and bowls. Sunday the ladies went into the wild and went around Berlin to street skate.

“I jumped a double staircase, which I never did before! Furthermore, I also did a 360 out from another set of stairs, which was so cool. The instructors also gave us tips on how to use the city to ride and how to spot potential ledges, rails, and walls to ride. It really motivated me to use the street more when I skate.” she says.

Copyright: CIB Berlin

A worldwide community

So one thing is the skating itself, but how was it to attend a camp with another 40 aggressive quad skaters, whom many of them you have never met before?

“I actually went with a friend from Hamburg. But in general, you very quickly realize that everyone is as passionate as you, and then you just start to talk about that. The vibe at RampCamp was fantastic, we just skated, hung out in the sun and talked. Everyone cheered for you, and when you landed a trick they clapped and banged their skates against the vert”

Photo by: Rikke Robsahm

Rikke points out that going to camps like RampCamp is not only to evolve as a skater but also to meet with her friends and meet new people with the same passion as her.

“My network is very important to me. We might not meet face to face that often, but we inspire and motivate each other online by filming and sharing tricks and giving feedback. So even though they are not physically present when I go skating back home, I’m still feeling like they’re with me when I strap on my quads.


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