Tilt Scooters with new logo? - Find out right here

They’re known for making some of the best scoot parts around. However, the company has just released some crazy looking new caps, tees hoodies, and windbreakers.

We just received a package from Collin Snoek and the rest of the guys from Tilt Scooters. Inside it was something so amazing that we needed to share it with you - The new clothing line from Tilt contains a series of hats and t-shirts with the Booter logo, Tilt’s new sweet alternative version of their logo.

Furthermore, the shipment also had some pretty sick new items with the classic Tilt Block Logo on board, such as a windbreaker, a t-shirt, a long sleeve, and a one-of-a-kind hoodie.

Stand out

As part of the design process, the guys at Tilt were looking through their old sketchbook and doing so, they found The Booter graphic, which was laying there waiting for someone to discover it’s geniality.

This resulted in The Booter Dad Hat, which comes in two fresh colors and The Booter Tee which with guarantee will get you noticed thanks to its sweet yellow color.

Last but not least, Tilt has also made The Booter Hoodie, which thanks to the dying process of the garments gives each hoodie a unique look.

Keep comfy

The new stylish and super lightweight Block Logo Windbreaker is made for those days and nights where the weather is acting up, but you still want to ride.

This jacket will not only keep you comfortable and make you look good, but it will also keep you dry if it starts pouring down.

To keep warm in those extra cold days in the late fall or early spring, we recommend the Block Logo hoodie underneath your windbreaker.

This is not only a great looking sweatshirt, like the Booter Hoodie, each one of the Block Logo hoodies is unique thanks to the dying process of the garment.

Of course, you can’t hit the streets or park without a t-shirt - Enter the Blog Logo tee, which features the classic Tilt block logo.

The deep red color is as cool as they come. We’re willing to putting our neck on the line and proclaim that this is one of the most classy shirts we have seen this year.

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