Local skateboarder wins Vans Park Series Malmö, Sweden

Yeаh boy! We were damn lucky to visit the Vans Park Series in Malmö, Sweden this weekend and it was a blast! And the crowd got mental when local Oskar Rosenberg took the win on home turf!

We were surrounded by amazingly talented pro riders, passionate skateboarders supporting their favorite, and a great, chill vibe at the Kroksbäck skatepark!

Some of the names mingling around with the crowd are Alex Sorgente (previous winner of the VPS World championship), the Brazilian pitbull - Pedro Barros, wonder-kid (or wonder-teen) CJ Collins, shred queens like Nora Vasconcellos, Lizzie Armanto, and Kisa Nakamura and many more. You get star struck everywhere!

The tribunes are full of people of all ages - young guns, cool skate families with little babies with the smallest Vans sneaks you could imagine, supportive moms and dads, old school skateboarders.

The mini ramp at the back is buzzing and beers are enjoyed in the sun while some of the best park riders in the world are ripping the Vans bowl. Skate love is in the air!

During their first runs, the Men’s Finalists seem not to be pushing it that far. Maybe that’s the strategy, save the best for last. Pedro is going switch which shows some serious intentions, CJ aims to conquer the tombstone, and Karl Berglind is demonstrating massive air times.

But when the last runs come it is all or nothing, especially when the riders get first trick re-run. Skateboarders fly around, the crowd is hyped and then it comes - local Malmö rider, Oskar Rosenberg drops for his last run as well.

Beautiful lines, long lipslides, and then the kickflip on the box! Everyone goes absolutely nuts! And he is still going - backside 360 with 5 seconds to go! That is the moment where everyone knows he’s won.

Literally, in a few seconds, all the skaters are in the bowl, jumping and hugging Oski while the crowd tosses t-shirts, skateboards and anything that can fly out of excitement. The pool gets flooded with people and we got a winner.

And nothing compares to being part of this moment. Even ‘just’ as a spectator, it feels like another planet we have landed on - a sick kickflip planet!

There is nothing like winning the first place for the hometown crowd. Congrats Oski and hands up for Clay Kreiner who came second and Pedro Barros in third. Vans rocked it again and thanks to all the guys who made this weekend quite of a legendary experience! See you next year!

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