Welcome to bladers paradise

Every summer rollerbladers from all over the world gather at BladingCamp in Spain to skate, have fun and get one-on-one lessons from some of the best bladers in the world. Missed out? Don’t worry, here’s a recap.

Málaga in Spain is, in short, a bladers paradise: The weather is hot, it almost never rains and there are a lot of skateparks. Every summer a bunch of the worlds best pro bladers comes together to form the perfect breeding ground for bladers from around the world to come and push themselves a little further.

Our team rider, Sara Hollesen was attending BladingCamp for the second year in a row, so of course we used the opportunity to hear a little more about how this years' camp was.

“I am really glad that I went again this year. The surroundings were amazing and the camp was very structured and well planned. We went to a new skatepark every day, and some days even two, and when we didn’t blade, we did a lot of social things”, she says.

Get out of your comfort zone

The concept of going to one or more new skateparks the day is one of the things that Sara points out is a game changer if you want to get better.

“Back home, you often have a local park where you feel safe and know every square meter. But when you go to a new place, you can not do the tricks the same way as you would in your local park, so you need to learn to adapt to a different set of ramps, rails, and boxes. she says and adds:

This really forces you to adapt quickly, which is something that is very useful when you go to competitions. You often don't have much time to get used to the skatepark you’re competing at.

Doing a difference

When Sara went to the camp last year, she attended the world’s first Bladies Only Camp which took place at BladingCamp - The event turned out to be an instant success.

Photo by: Owen Peters, trick: Ao Makio.

“The Bladies Only Camp is doing a huge difference for the female blading community. Some girls might be a little insecure when they are new to the sport. Many often think it can be a bit intimidating to go to a camp full of boys, so a Bladies Only Camp creates a safe haven. Furthermore, I think that the initiative really helps to form a strong bond between us girls”, she says.

This year Sara chose to go to the mixed boys and girls camp, and when we asked her why her answer was clear:

“I attended the mixed boys and girls camp this year. I really liked it because I feel like riding with guys pushes me a bit more because their technical level is so high. This inspires me and furthermore, I really want to show them that we (girls) can do the same as them. I also think that the guys sometimes are better at pushing each other.” she says.

Want to see more from this year’s event, then make sure to check out the BladingCamp’s Instagram.

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