CPH Open is back and ‘on the run’

It’s been 11 years since Copenhagen Open was born and now it has grown to one of the major international pro skateboard events. What makes it uniques? Check here.

Normally, CPH Open always moves their competitions from day to day during those 5 days of skateboarding - from the notorious 40-stair rail in Christiania to the gardens of Tivoli.

This year, the guys decided to go move even further, across borders, so CPH Open went to Berlin. So from the 9th to 11th of August, ollies will be echoing all over Germany’s capital. But in total alliance with their spirit and tradition, the guys made a quick stop in Amsterdam on their way to Germany, where some secret competitions and parties went on.

When it comes to CPH Open, two things are sure - amazing skateboarding and great parties. Some of the many great skateboarders attending this year’s competition are Dario Mattarollo, Torey Pudwill, Eric Koston, Axel Cruysberghs, Sean Malto, and Lizzie Armanto. And since a picture says a thousand words, imagine what a video can! So here it is the first recap for this years CPH Open. Stay tuned for more!

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