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The Ultimate Snowboard and Ski Goggles Guide

Without a doubt, one of the most important accessories for your ski holiday is the ski goggles. You can also argue that a pair of good goggles is just as important as the right ski jacket and a good pair of ski pants.

Today, it is fairly simple to find good ski goggles that will fit you. Two things to consider:

  1. What light/weather conditions do you want the goggles to cover and;
  2. Which size is the right fit for you - sizes are between small, medium and large.

Help me find the right Ski/ Snowboard Goggles

The lenses in the goggles are made in different editions to fit different light/weather conditions. The weather chart below shows the light conditions for the different lenses.

The amount of light that will pass through the lens is referred to as VLT, Visual Light Transmission. The higher VLT-% the more light will pass through the lens.

You would like a lot of light to pass through the lens when there are bad light conditions (Snowy weather, fog and at evening times). And you want less light to pass when there is a lot of sun.

Some lenses will cover a range of different light conditions and some will cover you in specific light conditions. Therefore, you will find goggles with VLT-% indications ranging from, for instance, 8-18% and some others with one VLT-% indication, like for instance 25%.

The right goggle size - small, medium and large

The second thing to take into consideration is your face size. Goggles can often be chosen in sizes small, medium and large. If you are above or below average size, choose respectively large or small. Medium will fit most. Some manufacturers make one-size-fits-all, so these goggles do not have size indications.

What about goggle lens color?

The most simple way to select the right goggles for you is to relate to what weather/light condition you like them to cover, instead of the color of the lens. Find weather/light condition information at each product on

Today, you can get all kinds of different lens colors from different manufacturers that will cover different light conditions. For orientation, get back to the first section and the graph. And remember, if in doubt, contact us.

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