Buying BMX Bikes

This guide will help you find the right BMX bike for exactly your or your kid’s needs by explaining some of the most important elements of buying a BMX.

You are also welcome to contact us, if you are in doubt about which BMX you should buy.

What type of BMX should you choose?

Generally, there are two types of BMX bikes.

Freestyle BMX (Street/Park/Dirt)

Freestyle BMX bikes can be used for several types of BMX riding, but is designed mainly for street, park and dirt riding. Freestyle BMX bikes can be built of various types of materials, but are often made of Chromoly steel and hi-ten. They are generally built with a durable and strong frame, making them sturdy in jumps.

You should choose a freestyle BMX if you or your kid desires to perform tricks in skate parks or streets, ride dirt BMX or use it for daily street riding.

See our selection of BMX Freestyle bikes here.

Another new type of freestyle BMX is the Mini BMX bikes, designed for tricks in skate parks and streets. It is built as a miniature of the original BMX bikes, with a robust frame.

See our selection of Mini BMX bikes here.

Race BMX

Race BMX bikes are designed for riding on mainly race tracks. The bikes are typically designed to be lightweight and at the same time sturdy, with the bikes main parts built of aluminum and Chromoly steel.

You should choose a race BMX if you or your kid desires to compete in races or simply need a bike for daily street riding.

See our selection of Race BMX bikes here.

What size of BMX should you choose?

When you are to determine what size of BMX bike you should choose, it depends mainly on the user’s height. Other key factors to look for in relation to finding the right BMX size is the top tube length of the bike or the wheel size.

The standard top tube size on a BMX is 20", which can be defined as a medium-sized BMX.

Freestyle BMX wheel sizes differ in size (16", 18" and 20"), whereas Race BMX wheels often are 20".

Notice, when buying a BMX bike for kids it is important to choose a smaller frame/top tube, so they will not struggle with a too heavy or large BMX bike.

Find the right size here: BMX Freestyle Sizing Guide

Will your or your kid’s level influence the choice of BMX?

The rider’s level is not a key factor in determining what bike to choose. Almost all bikes are suitable for beginners. However, we recommend getting a complete bike first time, as all our complete bikes follows the CPSC regulations for bicycles and comes with 2x brakes for a safe ride and easy speed-adjustment.

In comparison, experienced riders might look for bikes in a premium quality. This entails strong and lightweight materials, such as Chromoly steel and aluminum. Usually, experienced riders tend to compile a bike consisting of single parts, to get a specialized bike that fits their individual needs.

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