Speed Boots Fitting

Size and Fit
Compared to inline fitness skates, the speed boots are smaller and have harder paddings. Also, the fit is closer to the foot. This increases the risk of ankle pain, hurting toes, burning soles, pressure points. The result is blisters, small wounds and insecurity during skating.

Due to this, it is important to select speed boots that fit your feet. Make sure you do not get a boot that is too big.

Heat molding
With heat molding of your speed boots, you achieve a better fit, and then a better skating experience. Not all, but some modern speed boots are heat moldable. Some boots have heat moldable foam inside the padding, other boots you can shape the shell with heat (often with carbon fiber boots).
If you want to remove a pressure point of a heat moldable carbon boot, we recommend that you carefully do this with a heat blower. Move the heat gun from side to side over the point minimum 20 cm from the boot. At the same time, take a round tool (like a backend of a screwdriver) and put pressure on the shell at the point same time. As soon as you feel the shell is moving a bit, then remove the heat gun and let the boot cool down. Repeat if necessary.

When heat molding boots, we generally recommend that you are very careful, always follow the instructions of the manufacturer, and be aware that the guarantee does not cover a heat molding done the wrong way.

Also read this detailed guide from Powerslide.

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