Buying Hockey Gloves

This guide will help you choose the right hockey gloves.

Hockey gloves are for protection of your hand and wrist, while at the same time giving you mobility and comfort.
The material is synthetic or leather (the more expensive) and sometimes reinforced with Kevlar or nylon on the wearing surfaces.

Sizing of Hockey Gloves

Find your glove size while wearing elbow protection. Measure the distance from the lower edge of the elbow pad to your fingertip.
The size is always given in inches, and it can vary from brand to brand. The sizes in this table are a good indication of what you need based on your measurement and height:

Model Measurement Height (approx.) Size
Child 20 cm 8"
Child 23 cm < 120 cm 9"
Child 25 cm 110 - 120 cm 10"
Junior 28 cm 120 - 130 cm 11"
Junior 30 cm 130 - 140 cm 12"
Junior 33 cm 140 - 160 cm * 13"
Senior 36 cm 160 - 180 cm * 14"
Senior 38 cm > 180 cm * 15"

* For size 13", 14", 15" the length of the fingers is the same.

Notice: it is acceptable that gloves are a little too big as long as they give full protection for your hands and wrists.

Hockey Glove Quality

Hockey gloves should, as a minimum requirement, have several joints for each finger and a sleeve to protect the wrist.
Quality gloves are shaped anatomically correct (this means, that they out of the box come in the shape of the way you hold your hand when you play hockey.)
Your gloves will last longer if they are reinforced on the wear surface (inside the palm of the hand and on the thumb).

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