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Which type of skates should I choose?

Your choice of skates depends on what you want to use them for. Get a great overview of the different types (fitness roller blades, roller skates, speed, aggressive, freeskates and derby skates) to be able to make the right choice that will give you a pair of skates to enjoy for a long time.

The different types of skates are all designed for a specific purpose in mind. Some are suitable for regular skating where getting some exercise or just having a chilled ride is the main event (e.g. fitness roller blades and roller skates). Others are designed for more experienced use and/or competition (e.g., speed, aggressive, freeskates and derby). In this guide, you will get good insight into the various types of skates - click your way further into a topic on the specific types for more information.

Fitness roller blades / inline skates

Fitness roller blades are suitable for workouts and cozy rides. They are characterized by being very comfortable and breathable to wear, making them optimal for both short and long trips. With fitness inline skates you combine working out and having fun all in one, and, furthermore, they are suitable for all ages. They come in many colors and designs.

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Roller skates / Quad skates

Some roller skates are suitable for disco and dancing as well as regular skating, while others are suitable for exercise, transportation and longer rides. Quad skates have the classic look with four wheels in pairs, and you will get a sense of having more stability compared to roller blades due to a wider baseplate. Roller skates come in many designs and retro versions that bring out some good old memories for adults who remember them from their childhood. They are suitable for all ages.

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Speed skates

Speed skates are suitable for experienced riders looking for high speed. You usually skate in teams or compete in competitions. In speed skating, performance is everything - the skates are designed accordingly in order to get you the best times.

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Aggressive inline skates

Do you want to do stunts and ramps, then you are looking for aggressive inline skates? They are intended for skate parks and street skating, where you do a lot of grinds and various stunts on different objects. Aggressive skates are suitable for experienced riders.

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Freeskates / Urban skates

If you want to do urban skating or freestyle slalom, you should choose freeskates. They are specifically made for handling the sharp turns presented to you in urban environments as well as in slalom where you perform a series of dancing moves. They are very maneuverable and are usually not equipped with a brake. Freeskates are also used to do stunts in urban settings. They are suitable for more experienced riders. Furthermore, if you weigh above 100 kg and want to skate for exercising purposes or merely for fun, you should choose freeskates rather than fitness skates.

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Roller derby skates

Roller derby skates are intended specifically for roller derby, which is an indoor team sport with contact. Good derby skates are maneuverable in order for you to make sharp turns and move with agility. Furthermore, roller derby is characterized by colorful clothes worn by the players.

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