Pieps BT 260 iProbe

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The BT 260 iProbe is an avalanche probe from Pieps, and it will be an excellent addition to your avalanche safety set. It is used to find the depth and location of avalanche victims buried underneath the snow.

  • Probe has 100 cm and 40 cm markers
  • Elastic Closure Buckle keeps the probes compacted together
  • Ergonomic Grip feature offers a sturdy grip due to the lightweight rubber coating
  • Collapsible design saves space and adds convenience
Probe Features:
Pieps Safety Marker, Elastic Closure Buckle, Ergonomic Grip, Space saving collapsible, Wireless Device connectivity, Optical & Acoustic Hit-Indicator
Probe Weight:
420 g
Extended Length:
260 cm
Tube Diameter:
12.50 mm
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