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Binding mounting - Snowboard

Service (to be completed Sep 27)
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Binding mounting - Snowboard
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Binding mounting - Snowboard
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Mounting of bindings on a snowboard.

Note: Only when buying snowboard and bindings at SkatePro, this service is available at a special price.

To ensure the perfect mounting of your bindings, please write the following information in the comment field when ordering the items:

  1. Are you Goofy (right foot in front) or Regular (left foot in front)
  2. We mount your bindings with standard angles - front foot 15° and rear foot 0°. If you wish other angles, let us know.

Notice: Please note, you have to choose bindings compatible with the mounting system of your snowboard. Please check the product specification: "Binding system" for both the snowboard and the binding.

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