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Powerslide R6 Marathon Inline Speed Skates

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Shoe size (US Men): 6
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Powerslide Race Attack LED Skate Helmet
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The Powerslide R6 speed skates have a really nice price-to-performance ratio. Be ready to experience the turbo mode that these big wheels will shift you in. On these Powerslide speed skates, you will find a hard boot. So if good power transfer and support are something you are looking for, the hard boot construction will provide you with that. The Powerslide speed skates run small in size. We therefore recommend choosing one size up from your regular shoe size.

  • High-Cut cuff gives you maximum ankle support for stabilization and reducing your muscle fatigue
  • 3-wheel setup for easy acceleration and sharp turns
  • Powerstrap closure to avoid heel lift with the extra strap across your instep for a secure fit and added control
  • 125mm wheels with a hardness of 85A and a narrow profile for minimum friction and maximum speed
  • It is possible to upgrade the skates to 125mm wheels if you are looking for more speed - beware that 125 mm is the largest wheel size allowed for speed skating competitions
  • A wheelbase of 318 mm enhances stability at high speeds
  • Trinity mounting system to optimize your balance and control because it is bringing the wheels as close to the boot as possible
  • Built-in liner, integrated into the outside boot, eliminates the liner-wiggle and gives you comfort and moreover a more direct control
  • Anatomically shaped liner follows the natural structure of your foot for enhanced comfort
  • The combination of breathable mesh and foam in the liner will keep your feet comfy and well-ventilated
  • Skates come without a brake, which makes them suitable for bit more advanced skaters

Remember to check the screws before first use and tighten them if necessary. Please also note that you have to regularly examine the condition of the screws afterward.

The R6 merges the success Powerslide has experienced with Tri-skating from marathons. These are the best option without having to blow your budget.

Compatible parts

Find products compatible with Powerslide R6 Marathon Inline Speed Skates:

Compatible parts
Boot/Shell type:
Wheel diameter:
Wheel hardness:
Liner features:
Built-in, V-Cut, Anatomically shaped
Lacing, Powerstrap, Buckle
Bearing precision:
Frame type:
Frame material:
Max wheel diameter:
Boot material:
Fiberglass, Composite
Liner material:
Mesh, Foam
High lateral support, V-Cut
Max rider weight:
Recommended for:
Speed skating, Training skating
reviews   (23)
Something was poking down in the.top of the right skate that made.my toes numb. Not Slatepro's fault! Returned the skates but cost almost $20 shipping. They'll refund the price I paid so it only cost $20 to try them on and send them back. I wish there was a place in AZ to by high end online skates. I ordered a similar pair on Amazon & the same size and they fit perfectly. Skatepro answered quickly and helped with the issue. Lesson learned- read the return policy before you buy anything- I just got excited.
M. Allison (Cave Creek)
Rating: 4 of 5!
Reply from SkatePro:  Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that the skates were not a good fit :(. We do everything that we can to reduce shipping fees for our customers and the return label is heavily discounted compared with what you would be able to purchase in the market. It is good to hear that we were able to help you with your return.😇

Skates are good. Only gripe is the ratchet mechanism is weak and keeps slipping, needs addressing.
Stewart Ross (Falkirk)
Rating: 3 of 5!
Reply from SkatePro:  Hi Steward,
Thanks for letting us know.
If we should help you out with anything, let us know. Perhaps we have a solution ready for you ✌ /Justin
Just what i needed.
Pekka Jokela (Vantaa)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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