Fairdale Bikes

Fairdale Bikes are made for those that enjoy getting out on a bicycle that is hassle-free, fun and reliable. The company focuses on the basics of bicycle production making them highly functional and simple to use.

The selection of Fairdale bicycles covers both children and adults with different frame and wheel sizes. Popular models like the Fairdale Taj and the Fairdale Weekend bikes express the brand's essence by using vibrant and lively colors on the frames. They also like to leave some thoughtful touches throughout the design which helps to capture the fun spirit of Fairdale.

Fairdale bikes are easy to maintain, great to look at, and even better to ride. Whether it is for you or a child, you can be sure that the bike will be appreciated.

Fairdale Integrated Headset

Fairdale Integrated Headset

Headset type: Integrated 1 1/8"
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