Summer shredding playlist - Show us what you got!

Since the summer is still going full power, we thought it is time for a summer-shred playlist. But we need your help!

Photo credit: Amadeusz Dziwisz

We have all been meeting up skating, scootering, longboarding and what so not. Of course, no session goes without some music and sweet chit-chatting. After a session, we sat down and thought we need to create a shredding playlist since music often helps you get in the zone and stay motivated. However, some of the guys from SkatePro have quite an ‘untraditional’ taste in music.

So we decided to outsource this project and ask you for your shredding motivation song. Comment under our Instagram post with your suggestion and we will put it in a playlist both on Spotify and YouTube.

We’ll make sure that your song gets on the playlist, so keep an eye on our YouTube channel and Spotify playlist here.

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