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FISE Montpellier 2018 was golden 

Our SkatePro team rider, Inuk Siegstad struck gold at this year’s FISE Montpellier. Inuk took home a gold medal in the BMX Spine Ramp Amature Competition and a bronze medal in Freestyle Park. We had a talk with Inuk about how his FISE was this year.

There’s a big smile on Inuk’s face as he poses for a picture to add on to his Facebook-profile. It’s his first time at the FISE Montpellier which is one of the most significant action sports events in Europe. Judging from the gold medal in his right hand and the huge bag of sponsor prizes in the other, FISE has been a success.

One thing is the results, which speak for themselves, but how was Inuk's first FISE Montpellier?

“The FISE is the best event in the World! It's incredible! Just to meet so many people and ride in front of so many spectators. The ramps were huge, the competitions were amazing, and there were so many good riders. And the crowd, wow, don’t even get me started, they were amazing!”, he says.

Hanging out

FISE Montpellier is one of the biggest action sports events in Europe and with riders from all over the world, this competition is also about other things than winning prices.

“It was really nice to hang with the other SkatePro riders. They’re all very nice guys. Furthermore, they introduced me to so many other riders that I’ve never talked to before. So an event like FISE gives me the opportunity to expand my “rider network”, which is very nice,” says Inuk.

One of the riders Inuk got to meet at this year’s FISE was Australian pro BMX rider, Kyle Baldock.

"Besides winning Spine Ramp Competition and finish 3th in Freestyle Park, my highlight at FISE was definitely to meet Kyle Baldock! According to me, he’s the best there is. I look up to him as a rider, so meeting him face-to-face was a dream come true”, says Inuk.

FISE recap

There’s no doubt that Inuk had a blast during those five days that FISE Montpellier lasts. Be sure to check out his Vlog from the trip, the first episode is out now, and you can watch it in the video above. And remember to subscribe to our YouTube BMX channel for more awesome BMX content.

So let’s just finish by hearing if Inuk is planning to return to FISE in the future.

“I'll be back! Whether it’s to compete or not, time will show, but this event is to fun to miss out on".

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