How to: Get your own customized grip tape

Stand out from the crowd with your own exclusive one-of-a-kind grip tape. It’s quite easy to design and apply if you just follow this little recipe. Check out the video and blog post and wave goodbye to the old black grip tape and say hello to your own limited edition grip tape.

It’s no secret that you’ll need a new piece of grip tape once in a while, so why don’t use the opportunity to make your own custom grip tape. It’s a unique and easy way to show some attitude, and the combinations are endless, so the chances of ending up with something that anybody else got, are zero to one gazillion.

The only thing you need is a knife, a ruler, an Allen key/screwdriver and some grip tape.

Step 1: Your mind is the only limit

There are only two stop blocks when it comes to customizing your scooter grip tape or skateboard grip tape. Your imagination and you your fine motor skills.

Start by deciding which grip tape sheets you want to use. It can be an idea to draw the pattern you want to use, so you have an idea of how the result will look. You can find both Scooter and skateboard grip tape here if you need inspiration.

If you’re doing your own custom design for your scooter deck, you can find scooter grip tape made specifically for the purpose here.

Step 2: Inch by inch

Okay, so you got an idea of how your custom grip should look. Now it’s almost time to cut the pieces out. But beforehand, there’s a very important thing to consider: if you’re doing a design for a scooter deck, you should remember to make cutouts for the headtube and brake.

The same rule goes for skateboard grip tape - Remember to take the length and width of the skateboard deck into consideration, when you plan the design.

Okay, it’s time to grab a knife and cut out the shapes you’ve planned to use in your pattern.

Step 3: Easy peasy

Installing grip tape is an easy thing to do if you just follow a few rules. First, you arrange your design. Lay the different pieces of out on top of the deck before you take the paper off. When you got the look you want, you pull the paper off the sticky side of the grip tape and add the different pieces one at the time. It's important that you start by attaching it from the center and out to avoid air bubbles

When you have finished the jigsaw (your design), add guidelines for the cut out of the grip tape by scratching the edges of the deck with a tool. Cut off the excessive grip tape along the line you just made.

Now you’re almost ready to ride. The last thing you to do need is to create holes for the bolts. Take an Allen key or a screwdriver and poke the number of holes you need to attach trucks (if it’s a skateboard) or the brake (if it’s a scooter)

So get out there and be creative, and remember it's healthy to show off once in a while.

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