Good to know: Kids' wetsuits tips

Buying children's wetsuits can be a way trickier task than buying one for yourself. When you get a toddler's wetsuit in your hands it may seem like the cutest thing on Earth, and it is, but it can be quite a hustle to find the appropriate one.

That is why, we decided to give you 5 tips when looking for a wetsuit for your little sunshine (and also for the not-so-little one teens).

1. Choose the right type of wetsuit

There are several types of wetsuits out there - full suits, shorties, short sleeve only etc. But how to decide which one is most appropriate?

The answer is - depending on the conditions and on what the wetsuit will be used for. When we are talking cold/open waters and a grom (the youngster surfers), then a full wetsuit is best since Junior will be spending a lot of time in the water, most likely, until he/she gets the granny fingers.

If, however, we are talking about a tiny, beach lover, who loves playing out in the sun, built sandcastles and jump around in the water, you will probably prefer to get a shorty, for example, O'Neill Reactor 2mm SS (to the left). Shorties are normally thinner and are perfect for UV- and wind protection without compromising the freedom of movement.

2. How thick should it be?

We already touched upon thickness a bit but the rule of thumb is: go for a thicker wetsuit - 3 mm and above (like O'Neill Reactor II to the right) if the kids are going to spend a long time in the water. If you are looking solely for something to keep your kiddo safe from the harsh sun or the chilly wind, a 2mm wetsuit is good enough.

3. Think of the zip!

The zip system is also worth giving a thought because getting in and out of the wetsuit might turn out to be a tricky situation as well. Chest zippers provide the best insulation from the water but are harder to put on. Back-zip, however, is way easier to put on and off.

4. Let them play, give them freedom

Kids can be like small energy bombs, therefore, the stretchier wetsuit, the better. When the neoprene has a good stretch, they can jump around, swim and play more freely. That's part of being at the beach, isn't it?

5. The size

Yes, they grow quickly, like a weed. And often you'd go a size bigger when you are getting clothes for your child, exactly due to this. However, when it comes to wetsuits, you should be more careful going oversize because, after all, a wetsuit should feel snuggly and tight in order to insulate from the coldness. If you are choosing a wetsuit for surfer kids, it is better to get the right size since they will need good insulation during the long sessions. However, you can pick a slightly bigger one if you are thinking primarily of sun and wind protector.

All that said, we hope that we made your task at least a tiny bit easier. If you found the wetsuit you are looking for in our video, check out our SkatePro website - they are all there. Also, if you want to learn more about wetsuits and get into details when picking one, go to our wetsuit buyers' guide.


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