HangUp Outlaw III: A sturdy first choice

Spring is here, and so is the new version of the HangUp Outlaw - with its one-piece bar and deck joined together by a solid triple clamp this scooter is the perfect ride for the kid, who wants to get into scootering.

The HangUp Outlaw III is made from materials that are strong and durable because the guys at HangUp are aware that a scooter takes a lot of beatings when you’re trying to do your first tricks and jumps.

This is also why HangUp has chosen steel for the main parts on the scooter, which ensures a durable, but yet a fairly light scooter. The size of the HangUp is designed to make the scooter easy to handle for the youngest rider in the family (between 4-8), which means they’ll learn the basics of scootering even faster.

The wheels of the Outlaw III are 100mm wheels with a durometer (hardness of the wheel) on 88A. This gives the rider a smooth roll and quite a good grip.

The scooter is built with a threaded compression, which is good for a child's first scooter and is up for the challenge of countless beatings.

Get riding within a matter of minutes.

This affordable and durable scooter is almost ready to ride out of the box. The only thing you need to do is to mount the bar and tighten the bolts of the scooter and your kid is ready to hit the skate park or the street.

The third edition of the HangUp scooter comes in the “classic green and black” HangUp colorway, but also in a fresh new tropical edition(Blue and yellow). Both versions of the scooter feature some sweet new graphics.

You can find the HangUp Outlaw III stunt scooters right here.

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