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Herman Amundsen: Preparation is key in scootering

Herman Amundsen is aiming to qualify for the ISA European Final. First stop is the ISA competition in Skur 13 in Norway. We talked to Herman about how to prepare for the competition

Even though the sun is shining over the outdoor skatepark, Drammen Betongpark, the snow is still covering most of the concrete park. But the sound of aluminum decks grinding over the rails and the sound from the impact of the urethane wheels against the concrete is still ringing throughout the air.

The young lad riding the sporadically snow-free spots is the Norwegian scooter champion, Hermann Amundsen. In a few weeks, he’s going to attend the first ISA (International Scooter Association) European qualifier competition in Norway.

The winner will qualify directly for the World Finals in Barcelona. The next ten riders of the competition will qualify for the Regional European Final in the Netherlands.

But how does Herman prepare for the competition and what is his goal regarding the ISA European qualifier, which takes place in Skur 13 from the 6th-7th of April?

A competition with myself

It’s the first time Herman is going to compete in an ISA competition, and of course, he dreams of going all the way, but when we asked him what the most important thing is when he is competing, his answer was surprising.

“It would be epic to qualify for the European Championship, or maybe even win the ISA at Skur 13. It would be a new high for me. But the most important thing is not to beat the others, but to beat myself. I want to go higher, bigger and be better than I’ve ever been before”, he says.

Herman’s pursue to keep progressing also means that he’s using a lot of time watching scooter videos to find inspiration for new tricks and find out how they’re done when he’s not out training.

“I look at Youtube and Instagram for inspiration. Sometimes I can sit for hours and analyze how the trick is done, then I go outside and practice the trick until I’ve locked it. Sometimes I’ll also use a trampoline, especially if it’s an advanced trick”, Herman says.

The devil is in the detail

Two rounds consisting of 45-90 seconds each. This is all you have to impress the judges, so whether it’s competing with yourself or others, attention to every detail is vital when it comes to park competitions.

Landing clean, riding with confidence, making tricks look effortless and being original. These are some of the things that the judges look at when they are giving points to the riders. This is also the reason why Herman has planned his run down to the smallest detail.

“I’ve been to Skur 13 a couple of times to make sure, that I know every rail, box and halfpipe. Furthermore, I’ve been practicing the run while I was there, so there will be no surprises on the day of the competition, says Herman.

So what makes a good run in a park competition according to Herman?

“First of all I would say jump height, but you also need to be able to make difficult tricks look smooth and of course land them clean. A good run also has a fast pace, and of course you need to use the whole skate park”, he says.

The confidence of knowing the gear

When it comes to performing your best it’s not only about you and your skills; it’s also about the equipment. Herman uses a lot of time trying different parts, to get the best possible setup.

“I’ve tried a lot of different parts. Right now I’m using a Striker Integrated Headset, Striker Essence Double Clamp, a Striker Essence fork. I like this brand because their parts are reliable and durable. Furthermore, I use an Ethic Deck, which I modified together with my father and Kronos Titanium bar,” says Herman.

Herman's talent has not only caught our eye here at SkatePro. This spring Herman actually got a sponsorship from Striker Scooter Parts.

To be sure that Herman is always able to ride the perfect setup no matter if it’s for training or competition he always makes sure to have an extra scooter.

"If you only have one scooter and you break it in a competition, you’ll need to borrow another scooter; it might have a higher bar or a wider deck, that doesn't fit you 100 percent. Of course, you can make tricks on it, but it’ll never be the same as if you were riding on your own scooter, which you have practiced on”, says Herman.

Want to ride the same setup as Herman? Then check out our Striker Parts here and our Ethic parts here

Be sure to follow Herman on his quest to qualify for the World Championship and check all the sweet clips and pictures he shares on his Instagram here.

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