Winter wetsuits review - RipCurl vs. O’Neill

If you are a keen surfer, the fact that winter is upon us is not something that will stop you from getting into the water. Still, you know that doing so requires a good wetsuit. The good news - we have two of those reviewed for you.

After going for an autumn session with one of his mates, our surf expert Gregs found out that it is time for a new winter suit.

His 5-year-old neoprene was stiffer, chin trap was ripped, and, well, his mate took off with the wetsuit in his van. He decided to go for a 6mm hooded wetsuit to dip into the cold waters.

But how to pick one? We decided to make it easier for you too by checking out two of the best-sellers he tried on - the Rip Curl Flashbomb and the O’Neill Psychotech.

RipCurl Flashbomb - for more and longer sessions

“It is a super fast drying suit, and if you want to have a long session, this is the go-to suit. You will get max time on the water and several sessions during the day because it dries so quickly”, says Gregs mindsurfing a longboard wave in hang ten mode.

The RipCurl Flashbomb has a classic design and “it looks like a 100% classic wetsuit - the neoprene, the breast panel, and everything is as you expect it to be” explains Gregs.

So if you are looking for a super warm, quick drying wetsuit, the Rip Curl Flashbomb will deliver.

The thick and tight neoprene adds a bit of stiffness to the feel but then again will keep you longer in the water, especially when you need to spend more time waiting for the waves.

O’Neill Psychotech - insane flexibility

You wouldn’t expect a 6mm hooded wetsuit to be that flexible! It is a top performer when you are looking for maneuverability.

“It is a bit harder to take on because there are rubber seals around the wrists and ankles, which keeps water away but after you get your feet and hands in, it is actually a super easy wetsuit to put on. It feels like a 5 mm - super stretchy!”, says Gregs after sneaking into the wetsuit for the first time.

And there is a reason for it - the Technobutter neoprene by O’Neill which is extra stretchy and featherlight without losing its warmth properties. The Psychotech is loaded with new tech and it is even visible just by first glance.

“With the Psychotech, the first impression was that it looked like some modern tech was applied here. Visually it is a bit different, the lining feels a bit different, and with the breast panel - you know right away that something is going on there. Even the neoprene has this little glimmer that adds this special little thing to the overall appearance”, says Gregs.

The overall verdict for the O’Neill Psychotech is that it is the perfect wetsuit for more aggressive winter sessions where you need the maximum of maneuverability and freedom to move. It is for those of you who are more into dynamic power-surfing.


Want to see more wetsuits? Check our store and contact us if you have any questions. We are always ready to help out.

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