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4 reasons why you should go ice skating

Here at SkatePro, it’s main-season for sharpening of ice skates, we sharpen thousands of them throughout a regular season. Ice skating is definitely becoming a popular trend and if you already have some experience on a pair of rollerblades the transition to the ice is not that difficult.

Not convinced? Try those 4 pretty good reasons to do so!

1) It will make you ROFL

There’s no way getting around this one. No matter if you have some experience from rollerblading or not, you will get a few close encounters with the ice and make you Roll On the Floor(or ice) Laughing. But don’t worry. The learning curve isn't that steep, and within a few hours, you will be speeding around the lake or ring.

2) A great workout

To some, this might be the most persuasive argument since ice skating is a top form of exercise. On a regular hour on the ice, you will burn up to 500 calories. If you speed skate or do high-speed intervals, you will burn even more. So if December was tough on your weight - start ice skating. Going ice skating also gives the legs a great workout because the activity focuses on the movement of the lower body. You’ll increase joint flexibility in your legs as well as build up muscles.

3) Get some fresh air

Ice skating is a great reason to get outdoors, breathe the fresh air and absorb vitamin D from the sun. You will get all the benefits from being outside, which is everything from improving your blood pressure and heart rate, better mood, a better immune system, and cleaner lungs.

4) You might find the love of your life

We have all seen this happen in movies and in cheesy dating-site adds. But okay, let’s be honest. The chances for you to meet your special someone on the ice are probably not significantly higher than any other place. But if this were to happen, you would have a great story to pass on to your grandchildren someday. But one thing is for sure though. The chance for you to meet your special someone at the ice ring is a lot higher than meeting him or her home on the couch.

So basically there’s no excuse left for not to get out on the ice.

Check out our huge assortment of different ice skates here.

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