3 reasons why soft-top boards rule

If you are just about to hit the waves but not completely sure about where and when, well, a soft-top surfboard is a perfect option for you. They are not as fragile and can handle smaller, not so powerful waves.

#1: It’s all about the fun

A big part of the surfing culture is simply to enjoy and have as much fun as possible with the waves. That can be hard though if the waves are smaller and don’t have much power.

This is where the soft-top boards kick in. A soft-top surf, or a foam board, is great for those days when you crave the water funs but the ocean is not cooperating.

Usually, soft-tops or also foamies, are wider, broader and with more volume, which means extra buoyancy. That will most certainly help catch smaller and even choppier waves.

#2: Best friend for the beginners

Foamies are perfect for people who are just starting off with surfing.

The soft edges and better floatation make it easy for beginners to get on the board quicker and catch more waves with less effort.

#3: Easy to transport and toss around in the water

One of the constant worries with high-performance boards is that they are quite fragile.

Whether it is the transportation part or the reefy bottom where you surf, there is always this issue with cracks, dings, and holes in your expensive board.

With a soft-top, this can be easily avoided. They are normally more durable and resistant to impact.

So if you hit the sand or a rocky bottom, your session doesn’t need to end with a pricey repair.

Ready for fun?! Get your O’Neill soft top board here and hit the waves!

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