Tilt's highest performing parts to date!

The all-new Stage III Black on Black series is Tilt’s highest performing line of parts up to this date according to founder and owner of Tilt Scooters Collin Snoek. We talked with him to hear more about the new parts.

The Black on Black release started as an attempt to make colorways and logos that lasted longer and would add to the lifespan of the parts. But the project quickly turned into making a whole new series of scooter parts.

We realized that there’s room for an even “higher-end” product line, especially as riders are growing older. What started as just three parts is turning into our Stage III line, which is going to be our highest performing product series”, says Collin.

A strong clamp

Oversized bars are more popular than ever and the Stage III Rigid SCS clamp is designed to fit them perfectly. The clamp has an added overall length to the clamp of 15.5mm, which gives it rigidity and makes it more durable.

“It is certainly a hybrid design of the SCS and headset dust cover. This results in a clean design. The overall clamp height is a bit taller, so riders can expect more clamping power. For tall riders, it will also have a bit less flex in their setup if they choose to ride this clamp”, states Collin.

The perfect grips

You get a soft and firm grip with the Tilt Meta Grips. The thin and wide ripped spacing and the soft rubber ensure you good cushioning.

"Everybody seems to like a soft grip. Tilt didn't have a soft grip yet, so we wanted to come out with a softer grip than the once already out there", Collin stated on the Tuesdays At Tilt episode about developing and riding the new parts.

A durable fork with improved compatibility

With the Stage III Rigid Fork, you get a fork that looks good and is compatible with two different wheel sizes: 30x120 and 24x110.

“We used our F5 system on the fork because the axle and spacers make a really simple system for riders to experiment with different wheel sizes. The look is a bit of a mix of the Tomahawk and Nimbus fork, and we've received really good feedback from everyone riding one of the Rigid Forks already!” says Collin.


Be sure to stay tuned, because we are getting more Stage III Black on Black parts and goods from Tilt See the rest of the new parts for Tilt Scooters right here.

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