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Berlin Marathon 2018 recap

Some beat their personal record, and other struggled to complete. No matter what, we had a blast when SkatePro went to the Berlin Marathon.

It was the culmination of months of preparing when our team rider Anders went to this year's Berlin Marathon.

Anders had one goal, to beat his old personal best time from last year's edition of the legendary race through the capital of Germany. See how it went when our team rider Anders Hauerholt attended the Berlin Marathon together with the rest of ambitious SkatePro riders.

We are proud to say that every SkatePro employee and team rider finished the marathon this year, some, like Anders, beat their old times others... Well, let's just say that they made it through in one piece.

This video also marks the last of the 8 part video series "The road to Berlin Marathon on inline skates" where Anders talks about all the important things you need to know before taking on a marathon on inline skates.

If you want to improve your inline skating technique or know more about the benefits of a tri-skate setup or why 110mm wheels are so popular right now, be sure to check out all the episodes right here.

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