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Age and occupation: doesn’t matter! Just grab a board!

Meet Anne Muhonen, a 39-year old, mom of three and she's nowhere near skateboarding or longboarding before. But one day she just woke up and said, ‘I’ll do it! I will just do it’.

We have been seeing little kids rocking those skateboards and we just start thinking. ‘Nah, this ain’t for me, I am too old’. Hold the phone! When it comes to boarding, or skating, surfing, or a winter thrill, there is no such thing as age, occupation, status etc. And Anne is the proof!

She decided to start with a new hobby quite recently - longboarding. She documented every inch of her progress (as a systematic and organized mom does) and shared the 'evidence material' with us. When we received it, we simply had to show it to you!

Anne is the living proof that it doesn’t matter when you start longboarding, or any other action sport for that matter, as long as you got the will, desire, and passion. Yes, sometimes things just get postponed in time but that doesn’t make them impossible.

So dare to grab a board and follow your maybe long-forgotten dream of becoming that free-spirited, a bit of a wild child. What is adulthood useful for if not for an excuse to act and realize your childhood dreams?!

If you feel inspired and need a longboard, check out our SkatePro webpage. If you are thinking about some other action sport, well, most likely we have your gear in stock. So go for it!

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