Fischer Twin Skin Carbon Pro 20/21 Classic size chart

Ski size recommendation:

Selecting the right cross-country ski can confusing, but luckily for you, it’s also pretty simple. Your weight and skill level are two of the factors to consider when it comes to the cross-country ski length or stiffness. With most skis ski, the stiffness of the camber increases as you go up in length. If a ski’s too stiff for you, it will not have a good grip or flex. But if it’s too soft, it will drag.

Ski length (cm) Recommended weight (kg)
197 cm- Stiff 70-84 kg
197 cm- Medium 60-74 kg
202 cm- Stiff 85-95 kg
202 cm-Medium 70-90 kg
207 cm- Stiff 85-95 kg
207 cm- Medium 75-95 kg

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