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Frenzy Scooters

Frenzy 205 Dual Brake Plus Recreational Scooter

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Color: Rose Gold
Rose Gold
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Family Adjustable Skate Helmet
S - Flat Black (+ 28.95)
S - Gloss White (+ 28.95)
M - Flat Black (+ 28.95)
M - Gloss White (+ 28.95)
L - Flat Black (+ 28.95)
L - Gloss White (+ 28.95)
Eight Ball Skate Helmet
52-56 - Black (+ 37.95)
52-56 - Gun (+ 37.95)
52-56 - Sunset (+ 37.95)
52-56 - Purple (+ 37.95)
52-56 - White Gloss (+ 37.95)
52-56 - Blue Fade (+ 37.95)
52-56 - Teal (+ 37.95)
55-58 - Gun (+ 37.95)
55-58 - Blue Fade (+ 37.95)
55-58 - Black (+ 37.95)
55-58 - Teal (+ 37.95)
55-58 - White Gloss (+ 37.95)
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SkatePro T-shirt
6-8 - Bluebird
6-8 - Wasabi
6-8 - White
6-8 - Arrowwood
6-8 - Sky Blue
6-8 - Pinneedle
6-8 - Cactus Flower
6-8 - Heather Grey
6-8 - Black
8-10 - Arrowwood
8-10 - Wasabi
8-10 - Black
8-10 - Cactus Flower
8-10 - White
8-10 - Bluebird
8-10 - Pinneedle
8-10 - Heather Grey
8-10 - Sky Blue
10-12 - Black
10-12 - Wasabi
10-12 - Bluebird
10-12 - Heather Grey
10-12 - Arrowwood
10-12 - White
10-12 - Flame Scarlett
10-12 - Sky Blue
10-12 - Cactus Flower
10-12 - Pinneedle
12-14 - White
12-14 - White
12-14 - Flame Scarlett
12-14 - Heather Grey
12-14 - Flame Orange
12-14 - Black
12-14 - Pinneedle
12-14 - Chive
12-14 - Cuban Sand
12-14 - Wasabi
12-14 - Arrowwood
12-14 - Sky Blue
12-14 - Bluebird
12-14 - Blueberry
12-14 - Cactus Flower
S - Wasabi
S - Pinneedle
S - Flame Scarlett
S - White
S - Cactus Flower
S - Heather Grey
S - Bluebird
S - Cuban Sand
S - Flame Orange
S - Chive
S - Heritage Blue
S - Arrowwood
S - Black
S - Black
S - Sky Blue
S - White
S - Blueberry
M - Arrowwood
M - Heather Grey
M - Cactus Flower
M - Chive
M - Blueberry
M - Flame Scarlett
M - Bluebird
M - Black
M - Black
M - White
M - White
M - Wasabi
M - Camo/White
M - Pinneedle
M - Sky Blue
L - Camo/White
L - Pinneedle
L - White
L - Arrowwood
L - White
L - Black
L - Sky Blue
L - Wasabi
L - Heather Grey
L - Chive
L - Cactus Flower
L - Bluebird
XL - Camo/White
XL - Bluebird
XL - Wasabi
XL - Cactus Flower
XL - Black
XL - Black
XL - Pinneedle
XL - Heather Grey
XL - Sky Blue
XL - White
XL - White
XL - Arrowwood
XXL - Pinneedle
XXL - Heather Grey
XXL - Black
XXL - Wasabi
XXL - White
XXL - Bluebird
XXL - Arrowwood
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Family Adjustable Skate Helmet
Family Adjustable Skate Helmet (1 pcs)
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SkatePro T-shirt
SkatePro T-shirt (1 pcs)
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Fast and safe adult scooter for transportation purposes

This Frenzy Adult Scooter comes with a dual braking system, providing both your hand and your foot with braking opportunities. It features PU wheels instead of air-filled wheels for less maintenance and a faster ride. The deck is made wider and it's mounted with an anti-wobble top bar clamp for a more stable ride.

Urban transportation at new heights

  • Made for adult people or bigger kids.
  • Made for transportation.
  • Ride fast with its big PU wheels.
  • Get a stable ride thanks to its anti-wobble bar clamp.
  • Adjust the speed easily with its dual braking system.

Get from A to B in a convenient way

  • Foldable scooter, easy to bring to the bus or train.
  • Easy to carry around when folded thanks to its carry strap.
  • Park it easy in front of your office or store with its foldable kickstand.
Compatible parts

Find products compatible with Frenzy 205 Dual Brake Plus Recreational Scooter:

Compatible parts
Total height:
87 - 96cm
Deck design:
Wheel diameter:
Fork type:
Fork design:
Bar material:
Chromoly Steel
Clamp size:
Carry strap, Kickstand, Dual Braking System, Adjustable Handlebar
Wheel hardness:
Core material:
Core design:
Bearing precision:
Brake type:
Partly assembled
Max rider weight:
reviews   (198)
Ordered about a week before Christmas. It arrived about 4 days later. Did not expect such prompt shipping. We live in San Francisco! Wife loves the scooter. Solidly built product. 2 thumbs up from me.
D. White (San Francisco)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Bought this for the wife while I got one from one of the "top 20" list and boy was I wrong!!! I end up returning my scooter after 2 weeks of owning it because 1). The locking mechanism is weak, loose and constantly making noise. 2). The frame is solid but too low, combined with small wheels it constantly bottom out over even the smallest bump. 3). After not even 2 weeks of riding the wheels started to fall apart. 4). The so called front brake did little to nothing in the braking department. I rode the Frenzy a few times and was extremely satisfied with it. It rode smoothly and comfortable, most of all I was very impressed with the locking mechanism, solid, solid, solid. I was so satisfied with Frenzy that I bought one for myself, the FR250 and so far the best choice that I've made for my first scooter experience. Will buy again in the future and highly recommended to others.
john yuan (Freehold)
Rating: 5 of 5!
This is my first scooter, and I chose it because of the dual brake system. I am an amputee who's very active in my prosthetic. Receiving the scooter was seamless and quick. It's easy to fold up, and I love learning to ride it! Two things I wish were different. When I read the directions, I learned the handbrake is only a secondary brake. (I missed this in the online description.) Because of my prosthetic, I was counting on using the handbrake as a main brake. The footbrake is challenging, but I'm working on it! Second, I find the edge of the footplate to be sharp. I live in a city with bumps and curbs. When I am walking with the scooter (not riding it) the edge of the footplate often bounces up and hits my ankle, creating cuts and bruises. I'm trying to find a material to soften it. These may not be issues for other people, but I wanted to mention them. If there's a future redesign, the company may want to consider them. Other than that I'm very happy with this scooter!
Rebecca L. (Philadelphia)
Rating: 4 of 5!
I cannot praise this scooter enough. It is solid and very well made. My daughter enjoys the comfort of having two brakes and the smooth ride.
Elizabeth A Wilcox (Vail)
Rating: 5 of 5!
High quality scooter with lots of nice features. Positive engagement on the unfold/ lock mech. Color is even nicer in person. This is our second scooter from Skate Pro. They have been good to work with.
Henry Simon Millen (Trenton)
Rating: 5 of 5!
This was a Birthday gift for our youngest boy and he absolutely loves it!! With not being able to interact with his friends right now, he is still able to go out everyday and enjoy his scooter! Thanks 🙏
David antunovich (San Francisco)
Rating: 5 of 5!
love my new Frenzy 205 Dual Break scooter. Although it's slightly heavier than my previous scooter and initially it was tight to press the locking knob, but at the same time I love the folding system ~ it's so easy to fold up for storage in a secure way; I like the wider deck plate for foot switching, and last but not least the hand brake! This is actually the main reason I have decided to get it. I feel a lot safer to brake now as I'm not a person with good balance. Oh the rose gold color is super cute too.
Joyce T. (Mississauga)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Great scooter, hubby loves it.
S. Lavin (Cavan)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Great my daughter is delighted
Una Tobin (Kilkenny)
Rating: 5 of 5!
I bought a for adult Frenzy 205 Dual Brake scooter as a gift for myself this last Mother’s Day. It’s a great quality, stylish and worth the value. I did had an issues but they handled my concerned very well. Really a great customer service. Highly recommended! Luv it!
Hermies Lopez (Edmonton)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Great Scooter. Well built. Kids Love them.
Jonathan Leslie (Hamilton)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Such a cute scooter, perfect for getting around town!
Celeste Anderson (Cochrane)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Delighted with the product! Fast delivery great service! Recommended to anyone!
Brigitta P. (Dungarvan)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Great scooter!
Zsuzsa s. (donabate)
Rating: 4 of 5!
Show all 198 reviews
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