Völkl Skis

Völkl Deacon 80 All Mountain Skis + LowRide XL 13 GW Bindi

Length: 182cm
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The Völkl Deacon 80 are designed to be the ideal choice for intermediate riders or advanced riders going for all mountain and piste sessions. The core of these skis is made of wood and titanal. If you are looking for longevity for your skis, the wood core will give you just that. The power transfer and carving properties for short and long turns get enhanced, thanks to the titanal used.

These skis have a camber with tip rocker baseline which gives you stability when carving and good edge hold as well as an easier turn initiation. This model comes with two different radius sizes, 14.0 and 15m, depending on the length of the ski. For skis with a short radius between 10-14m you get very fast and playful turn initiation. Whereas, with a medium radius between 15-18m, you get versatility with good turn initiation and decent control at high speed.

  • Range of use: 70% on-piste - 30% off-piste
  • These Völkl all mountain skis with a waist width of 80mm are ideal for quick turns on the piste
  • You will love the improved power transfer made possible by adding 3D Glass to the construction of the skis
  • LowRide XL 13 GW bindings are included and mounted on a plate, which makes them easily adjustable

Notice: When purchasing skis and bindings from us, we will install your bindings free of charge. If you would like us to mount and adjust the bindings please provide the information at checkout.

ModelWeight /w bindings - pr. pair
Waist Width:
Skill Level:
Intermediate, Advanced
70% on-piste - 30% off-piste
Extra Features:
3D Glass
All mountain, Piste
128/80/111 mm
Camber, Tip Rocker
Core material:
Wood, Titanal
reviews   (9)
Haven't used the skis yet, as I received them at season end. They arrived with the bindings set and ready for the slopes. The shopping, buying and customer experience with SkatePro is off the charts! The communication on order and shipping status was very clear and timely They are amazing, responded very quickly for a followup question I had. I highly recommend them and will definitely shop with them again
Kevin Warren Hanft (Basking Ridge)
Rating: 5 of 5!
These skis are fantastic for frontside skiing, especially on the hard snow I regularly ski on. They are great for turns of any shape or size. I look forward to trying them on some softer snow, and I expect they will just as much fun as on the hard snow. SkatePro sent my skis to the US mounted and ready to go in about a week, which was much quicker than I had expected.
Bryan T. (Appleton)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Delivered on schedule. Bindings set perfectly. Used skis last week in the French Alpes. Perfect
Andrew Sadler (Western Parishes Ward)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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