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Matter wheels

Matter Super Juice Roller Blade Wheel

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Before there was Juice, now we introduce SUPER JUICE, even faster and longer lasting.
Matter SUPER JUICE is the culmination of extensive lab and field testing.
SUPERJUICE is the ultimate combination of rebound and abrasion resistance.
Already Juice has proven itself time and again on the road and is considered the wheel of choice of most road specialists technology. Recommended for road use.

Matter wheels from USA uses the Footprint scale, the F1 stands for footprint 1.

F1 - equals approx. 85A
F2 - equals approx. 84A
F3 - equals approx. 83A

ModelWheel hardnessWeightWheel diameter
90mm - F1F14oz90mm
90mm - F2F24oz90mm
90mm - F3F34oz90mm
100mm - F1F14oz100mm
100mm - F2F24oz100mm
100mm - F3F34oz100mm
110mm - F1F15oz110mm
110mm - F2F25oz110mm
110mm - F3F35oz110mm
Wheels per pack:
Core material: