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Custom Scooter Assembling

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If you buy this service, SkatePro is assembling and testing your custom scooter.
This requires that you have all the parts needed to build a custom scooter (either you provide them to SkatePro or order them together with this service).

A custom scooter will typically be built from these parts:
- Scooter deck
- Brake (is sometimes included with the deck)
- Rear axle hardware (often included with the deck)
- Fork with axle (please note which size of wheels that fit)
- Bar (if you choose an oversized bar, then also select an oversized clamp)
- Clamp (1 or more. If you choose an oversized bar, then also select an oversized clamp)
- Grips (maybe also Bar-Ends if they are not included)
- headset
- Grip tape
- 4 bearings and 2 pieces of 8mm spacers.
- 2 wheels (please check if size fits the fork)
- Compression kit (either Internal or Hidden)

Please note: Assembling of custom scooters require special tools and patience. We recommend that custom scooter assembling is only done by qualified personal.

Please note as well that assembling of a custom scooter is a service, and due to this there is no right of return if you buy this.

The scooter & any parts it may contain are also not refundable when they have been assembled to the setup you may wish. If taken apart the parts are no longer new and can therefore not be returned.


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