FR Skates size chart & sizing guide

FR Skates follows normal shoe sizes. Choose the same size as your normal shoe size. However, we recommend using the foot length shown in the size conversion chart.

FR Skates is suitable for normal feet.

Conversion chart - Find your size

Foot lengthMondopointUS MenEU size
8.7"220 mm334
8.9"225 mm435
0.9"23 mm4.536
9.3"235 mm537
9.6"245 mm638
10.0"255 mm739
10.2"260 mm7.540
10.4"265 mm841
10.6"270 mm942
10.8"275 mm1043
11.0"280 mm10.544
11.2"285 mm11.545
11.6"295 mm1246
11.8"300 mm13.547

How to measure your foot length

Place your foot against a wall and measure the distance from the wall to the tip of your toes.

How to measure your foot length

Manufacturers do not always use the same sizes for shoes. Therefore, we recommend using the foot length to find the correct size. The international standard for foot length is known as Mondopoint and indicates the size of the foot in millimeters (mm).

In the size chart we have converted Mondopoints into foot length in inches to make it easier for you to find your size :-)