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The Sweet 16 Acid Test: How to complete a legendary trick challenge

Our team rider Daniel Nielsen Dyhre is the first to do all 16 variations of a 360 into ACID and film it since the legendary bladers Richie Eisler and Jake Dotson.

This video gets the heart of every aggressive blader out there pounding a little faster. Completing this task demands not only skills but also precision and patience.

"It was such a fantastic feeling when I landed the last trick on the list. The journey towards completing the challenge has been long, so the feeling of accomplishment was extra strong" says Daniel.

Motivated by the hard challenge

As mentioned before, there are not many bladers out there, who have managed to do all 16 variations and film it, so what inspired Daniel to have a go at it?

"I have always been fascinated by Richie Eisler and Jake Dotson's Sweet Sixteen Acid Test, because doing all of them is ridiculously hard, which also motivated me. Besides that, I could already do some of the variations, so I decided to learn the rest and film it all", he says.

That devilish Switch Fakie 360 True Spin Top Acid

Even though Daniel already could do some of the tricks, filming and being able to cross off all the 16 variations of a 360 into ACID wasn't a walk in the park.

"The Switch Fakie 360 True Spin Top Acid was true hell! We filmed it 80 times before I landed it clean. Fortunately, my good friend Claus Rytter, who shot a lot of the tricks, is a very patient man, and great at keeping me motivated."

The Sweet Sixteen Soul Test

When you complete a project like this, you might think that you would just kick back and relax for a while, but Daniel is already planning on strapping on his Razor blades again and getting back into it.

“I’ve already started a couple of new projects right now. I really want to do the “Sweet Sixteen Soul Test”, now that we are skating a lot indoors. I also work on a Street edit, where I’m going to push myself to the limit” he says.

Don’t miss out on Daniel’s journey to achieve his goals? Follow him on Instagram. Want to take on the challenge yourself? Then grab a pair of aggressive skate from our shop and get going!

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