REKD Size Chart


All REKD helmets comes with two sets of padding inserts to ensure an optimal fit. To find a perfect fit, you can apply a mixture of the two padding sizes in the helmet, by e.g. placing a 8mm padding in the back and 6mm padding in front.

Helmet size Head size (cm) Padding sizes incl. (mm)
Small 54-55 6 & 8
Medium 56-57 4 & 6
Large 58-59 4 & 6

Knee pads

Size Top Strap Length (cm) Bottom Strap Length (cm) Fit Knees Up To (cm)
X-Small 24 24.5 27 - 32
Small 28.5 29 30 - 36
Medium 32 31.5 34 - 41
Large 34 32 38 - 45
X-Large 37 35 43 - 45

Elbow pads

Size Top Strap Length (cm) Bottom Strap Length (cm) Fit Elbows Up To (cm)
Small 21.5 17.7 25.4
Medium 25.4 17.7 29.2
Large 27.9 20.3 31.7


Size Middle Finger Length (cm) Palm Length (cm) Thumb Length (cm) Palm Circumference (cm)
Small 8.1-8.6 11.1-11.3 6.4-6.8 22-22.5
Medium 8.6-9 11.3-11.7 6.8-7.1 22.5-23.5
Large 9-9.4 11.7-1.12 7.1-7.4 23.5-24.5

How to measure

Follow the instructions below and compare your measurements with the size chart

Head Circumference

Measure the head circumference just above your ears and eyebrows. The helmet should sit low, level on your head and it should not be tilted.

Elbow Circumference

Measure the largest circumference around the center of the elbow while the arm is relaxed and slightly bent.

Hand circumference

Measure the widest hand circumference around 4 knuckles, excluding the thumb.

Circumference above the knee

Measure the knee circumference approximately 3-5cm (1³/₁₆ - 2 inch) above the knee, while your leg is stretched.

Hand length

Measure the distance between the wrist and top of the middle finger.

Hand width (hand breadth)

Measure the hand width across the palm (without thumb) from left to right.

Tip! Use a soft measuring tape, to ensure that the product fits properly. Alternatively, use a piece of string and then measure it against a ruler

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