Heelys Buying Guide

Heelys roller shoes - more than just a pair of shoes

Heelys are more than just shoes. All Heelys roller shoes have a removable wheel in the back part of each shoe, giving you the opportunity to switch between walking and skating whenever you feel like it. With countless models and various designs and features, these shoes with wheels have become a major fashion trend that appeals to a wide range of the population. This guide helps you find the right pair of roller shoes.

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Which roller shoes should I choose?

Though these shoes with wheels are known for their colorful designs, you should consider more than just the look when deciding which pair you want. Before buying, you should consider if you want roller shoes with or without padding and if you want a pair of Heelys with two wheels or one embedded in the heel of each shoe.

Heelys with one wheel

With only one wheel on each shoe, you can easily take out the wheels in no time whenever you want to. Furthermore, the one wheel Heelys are great for gaining speed and easy to maneuver. However, because it is slightly more difficult to balance on one wheel instead of two, some people find it more challenging to use Heelys with one wheel.

Heelys with two wheels

The two wheel Heelys is a more recent creation, and after they entered the market, they have become very popular. Heelys with two wheels provide more stability, control and are easy to skate. If you want to challenge yourself a bit, or if you simply want to try out Heelys with one wheel, you can remove the front wheel from each shoe.

Roller shoes with padding or no padding?

Whether the roller shoes come with or without padding does not only affect how comfortable they are, it also affects the size. If you want Heelys shoes with no padding, you should choose shoes that are one size smaller than your normal size. However, if you want Heelys with padding, you should choose shoes one size larger than your normal shoe size. To find out which size to choose, read our Heelys size guide.

Velcro Heelys or Heelys with shoelaces?

You can find velcro Heelys and Heelys with shoelaces, and even both. So which to choose? Even though shoelaces are popular, there are still some people who claim that velcro shoes are the better choice. It depends on personal taste, but for children who may have difficulties tying their own shoes, velcro heelys can be the better solution of the two.

How do I use shoes with wheels?

These shoes with wheels are for people of almost all ages and levels. Though the technique of heeling is similar to inline skating, it is not exactly the same and you may need to practice a bit before you feel that you master the technique completely. To skate, put your weight on the heel of the shoe. When you want to brake and start walking again, put your weight on your toes and jog until you gain control and are able to stop. Another possibility is to lift your toes and drag the heel of the shoe along the ground for soft braking.

Heelys shoes with wheels are mainly for transportation and best suited for even surfaces without gravel and dirt. However, if you are an experienced rider, you can buy roller shoes with integrated grind plates and start grinding rails and curbs.

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