Do you want to complain about a product?

Did you find a malfunction or defect on a product you bought? Please don’t send the item back to us immediately. Read our claim guide below and contact us instead, as most cases can be closed before items need to be sent back and forth.

According to the Danish Act of Sale of Goods, you have a right of complaint of 24 months on all products. This right of complaint means that you, the customer, can complain about the deficiencies of the product, which has been present at delivery. It is, however, a prerequisite that these deficits are not caused by your incorrect use of the purchase or other injurious behaviors that have led to shortages. This means that you lose the right to claim a product if the product has signs of misuse, abuse, has not been maintained as described in the manual or there have been done constructive changes on the product.

If the claim is approved, you either get it repaired or replaced, a refund or reduction in price, depending on the specific situation and the assessment.

Remember to submit your claim within a reasonable time after you have found the defect. Claims within two months are always considered as being timely.

Send us pictures to get your claim sorted fast

In order to open a claim, SkatePro will need a number of pictures and/or videos sent by email to our email address. After all information and pictures are collected, we will assess the details, which normally does not take longer than a few business days.

We are going to need pictures of:

  • The whole product from few angles
  • Detailed pictures of the damage/flaw
  • In case of bikes: The serial number which can be found on the bike’s frame

Note: If it is hard to capture the issue on stills, feel free to send us a video as well. Pictures should be sharp and taken in good light. We recommend that the overall attachments’ size does not exceed 20 MB, otherwise, the files may not arrive in our inbox. If your files exceed the limit, we recommend splitting the files across 2 or 3 e-mails.

Additionally, please forward the following information:

  • Transcription of the frame’s serial number
  • How did the damage / flaw occur?
  • What kind of stunt tricks were performed recently?
  • What is the user’s weight?
  • What is the user’s experience level?
  • What is the order number?

After all information and pictures are collected we will assess the details which normally does not take longer than a few business days.

In case you want to hand in a claim, or you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

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