Buying Hockey Pants

This guide can help you finding hockey pants that fits you best.

Please note that there is a difference between inline and ice hockey pants. For inline hockey we recommend hockey girdles and hockey shell pants with good ventilation. Alternativly you can use icehockey pants for inline hockey, but we recommend that you do not use inline girdles for ice hockey.

Good hockeypants protects your hips, tailbone, upper legs, kidneys and lower ribs.

For proper protection, the hockey pants must be so long, that they just reach the top of your knees and still cover your kidneys and lower ribs.
Measure your waist, and find the size that fits you.
(please note that this sizing table is for your reference only. Variations between brands can occur)

Size Measure Measure (inches) Easton size

Kids Small
45-50 cm 18-20''

Kids Medium
50-55 cm
Kids Large 55-60 cm 22-24''
Junior X-Small 56-61 cm 22-24'' 100
Junior Small 61-66 cm 24-26'' 120
Junior Medium 66-71 cm 26-28'' 140
Junior Large 71-76 cm 28-30'' 160
Senior X-Small 71-76 cm 28-30'' 46
Senior Small 76-81 cm 30-32'' 48
Senior Medium 81-86 cm 32-34'' 50
Senior Large 86-91 cm 34-36'' 52
Senior X-Large 91-96 cm 36-38'' 54

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