Rotate wheels to increase durability

With normal use your wheels will almost always be worn more on the inside. In order to get the most out of your wheels it is important to rotate the wheels every so often.

When is it time to rotate the wheels on your roller skates?
When one or more of the wheels clearly is worn e on one

Picture 1: wheel that is clearly worn more on one side

Since you are wearing your wheels different it is important to rotate the right way.
This way you make sure that all wheels will get worn at the same pace.

Picture 2: Rotate the wheels according to the arrows

Necessary tool: an allen key or a skater-tool.
Put the tool in the screw. Unscrew the screw (for some skates a second wrench is needed to holding the axle on the other side of the wheel).
Remove screw and axle. Remove wheel.

Picture 3: Turn counterclockwise to loosen the wheel

It is a good idea to clean the frame and the bearings.
With a dry cloth remove dirt from the frame where the wheel was fastened. Do this at both side of the wheel.

Picture 4: Remove dirt from where the arrows point

The wheel on the other skate is removed the same way. Remember to clean frame and bearing on the other skate as well.
Now you are ready to rotate the wheels.

Picture 5: The 2 wheels to be rotated are removed from frame

Switch wheels between the skates and turn the wheels (inside to outside).
Put an axle in and screw in screws. Tighten properly, but make sure the wheels are still able to rotate.

Picture 6: Wheel from the other skater turned and ready for mounting

The second wheel has now been rotated and remounted.
The same procedure are repeated for the rest of the wheels according to picture 2.

Picture 7: Wheel that has a significant wear on one side.

When the wheels have been rotated, the point of balance has shifted.
Be cautious the first time you use them after a wheel rotation.

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