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How to Install an IHC Compression System

Need help with installing your scooter compression system? In this video, we'll talk you through how to set up the IHC compression system for your pro scooter:

  1. First, grease the top and bottom of your head tube.
  2. Slide the top and bottom bearings into the head tube.
  3. It's time to put in the fork.
  4. Now, slide on the C-ring, followed by the IHC compression shim.
  5. Drop in the IHC compression top cap.
  6. Grease up the IHC compression bolt, and start screwing it in.
  7. Use an Allen key to tighten the compression.
  8. The fork should not have any side-to-side movement, when still rotating freely.
  9. Finally, mount the headset top cap.
  10. Make sure you have at least a small gap between the head tube and the headset top cap.

Now your IHC compression system is complete!

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