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Ski Binding DIN Calculator

Calculate your DIN number for your ski binding setting right here - based on your weight, height, skill level and age.

If you order skis and bindings at SkatePro then you will naturally encounter our DIN calculator in the Checkout. At this point, you will just fill in your information, and we will automatically get your DIN-result. It is easy and simple!

Afterwards, we will even mount and adjust the bindings to match your specific DIN setting for free.

DIN Calculator - Find your ski binding setting

Boot Sole length: mm      Show less
We need the exact mm measurement for your boots to mount the binding correctly. The number can be found by measuring the outer sole length (3 digits). The number is also imprinted on the boot's heel.
Skill / style:
DIN value based on your input:

But you can use the ski binding DIN calculator at any time, regardless if you just bought some skis or want to tune your old bindings. Keep in mind, however, that this DIN calculator is not the ultimate tool and the settings can vary from skier to skier and for the different brands.

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