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Landyachtz Longboards

Landyachtz Switchblade Complete Longboard

Color: Crown Peak
Crown Peak
Chief Night
Length: 38"
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The Switchblade longboards from Landyachtz have been around for almost 10 years. And for a good reason. Always been the recommended choice for people looking to get into freeriding and light downhill runs.

Due to the 9-ply Canadian maple construction, you get a board that is very stable, which is what you want on your first longboard run at speeds. To help provide more confidence to throw the Switchblade into a slide, the concave shape is made so that it will comfortably lock your feet in.

The Bear 852 trucks are mounted with the Drop-Through mounting. This helps lower your stand-height and makes for a more enjoyable push-ride.

Being a complete setup from Landyachtz, you are sure to get only the best of premounted hardware. 70mm Mini Zombie Hawgs wheels with the Bear Spaceball bearings.

One Board - One Tree
Landyachtz is dedicated to making sustainably produced boards, which is why they plant a tree for each board they sell.

Deck width:
10" (25.5cm)
Deck material:
Canadian Maple, 9-ply
Additional materials:
Deck features:
Twin tip, Cut outs
Truck type:
Inverted kingpin, Standard hanger, Drop through
Hanger width:
7.126" (181mm)
Axle Width:
Hanger Degree:
Wheel diameter:
Wheel width:
Wheel hardness:
Wheel material:
PU casted, SHR
Bearing precision:
Skill Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Riding Style:
Downhill, Freeride
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