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C720 Shovel

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Pieps Shovel C720 - The perfect companion when exploring the backcountry

Pieps Shovel C720 is a lightweight avalanche shovel with telescopic and C-handle, combining performance and usability to aid your rescue operation.


  • C-Handle that allows easy handling even with thick gloves
  • Telescopic handle with oval profile that prevents twisting while shoveling
  • Quick-Lock-System that connects handle and blade without pressing the buttons

Technical Features

  • Blade weight: 370 g
  • Handle length: 68 cm
  • Handle weight: 350 g
  • Total weight: 720 g
  • Shovel blade width: 30,5 x 24,5 x 6 cm


Shovel Features:
C-Handle, Telescopic Handle
Shovel Blade Weight:
370 g
Handle Length Extended:
68 cm
Handle Weight:
350 g
Shovel Total Weight:
720 g
Blade Width (Cm):
30, 5 x 24, 5 x 6 cm

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