Pieps Fastest Rescue System Avalanche Rescue Set

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This avalanche rescue package from Pieps contains all the necessary safety gear to explore the backcountry with ease of mind. It comes with the Pieps C660 shovel, the i BT 260 probe and the Micro BT Sensor avalanche transceiver.

Pieps C660

  • Rubberized Grip Zone maximises the grip when digging
  • Automatic Locking feature ensures immediate locking without the need to press a button
  • Thanks to the C-handle, the shovel is easy to handle and use even with thick gloves on
  • The shovel features an telescopic handle
  • You will get a secure grip even with gloves on thanks to the anti-slip coating

i BT 260

  • Probe has 100 cm and 40 cm markers
  • Elastic Closure Buckle keeps the probes compacted together
  • Ergonomic Grip feature offers a sturdy grip due to the lightweight rubber coating
  • Collapsible design saves space and adds convenience

Micro BT Sensor

  • Pieps Interference Protection reduces the external interferences
  • Comes with a Mark and Scan Function for multiple burial scenarios
  • Circular Range offers you a symmetrical and extended search area
  • Temperature Resistant Led Display ensures that the beacon will not crash or lose battery even in the coldest conditions
  • The width of the search strip is 50 meters
  • Features three antennas
  • Beacon vibrates at initial signal detection
  • Managing the device settings and system and software updates is easy through a wireless Bluetooth connection and the PIEPS app
  • To enhance search capabilities, the transceiver is compatible with iProbe
Shovel Features:
Rubberized Grip Zone, Automatic Locking, C-Handle, Telescopic Handle, Anti Slip Coating
Transceiver Frequency:
457 kHz
Transceiver Dimensions:
106 x 74 x 20
Transceiver Weight:
150 g
Transceiver Search Strip:
50 m
Transceiver Maxi range:
50 m
Transceiver Features:
Software Updates, Pieps Interference Protection, Mark And Scan Function, Circular Range, Temperature Resistant Led Display, Search strip width 50 metres, Three antennas, Vibration at initial signal detection, PIEPS App and Bluetooth, Compatible with iProbe, Auto Search to Send, Reducing unwanted external interfere
Tube Diameter:
12.50 mm
Extended Length:
260 cm
Probe Weight:
420 g
Shovel Total Weight:
660 g
Shovel Blade Weight:
310 g
Probe Features:
Pieps Safety Marker, Elastic Closure Buckle, Ergonomic Grip, Space saving collapsible, Wireless Device connectivity, Optical & Acoustic Hit-Indicator
Shovel Length Extended:
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