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T4 Avalanche Transceiver

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Track your friends fast and easy with the topline T4 Transceiver

The T4 Avalanche Transceiver is an easy and simple to use beacon that makes it super easy to find your buddies in the tragic event of an avalanche. The T4 is the top model, including all the features you'll need in the backcountry.

Technical features

  • Large LED display with big picture mode
  • Multiple-victim indicator
  • Signal suppression mode
  • Motion-sensing auto revert-to-transmit mode
  • Rubberized case
  • Upgradeable software
  • Harness and batteries included
Transceiver Features:
Display Of All Victims, Harness and batteries included, Large LED display, Rubberized case, Motion-sensing auto revert-to-transmit mode, Signal suppression mode
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