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M4 Toric Ski Goggles

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The Anon M4 Toric are high performance ski goggles. You can protect your eyes in all weather conditions or replace damaged lenses since the M4 Toric features an interchangeable lens system. They will fit perfectly over your prescription glasses, so you can see clearly and stay confident on the snow.

  • Wall to wall vision means that the goggles have a 40% thinner foam so they fit snugly on the face without compromising the range of your vision
  • Triple layer face foam is an advanced type of fleece that is moisture wicking and gives a really nice fit between face and goggles
  • Lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane frame prevents chafing of the skin, ensures flexibility in different weather conditions, and offers elasticity to fit different face shapes
  • The no-slip silicone strap maintains the position of the goggles on your face
  • Equipped with a Full-Perimeter ventilation channel that lets fresh air into the googles, while letting out any moisture that might limit your vision
  • Outlast Fog Management - releases heat to prevent moisture from building up
  • Magna-Tech Quick Lens Change Technology uses magnets to create an airtight seal, making your lens changes a whole lot easier
  • Extreme strength and impact resistance combined with superior optical properties and minimal distortion: the Toric Lenses have it all. Plus, the sculptured 'Eye Black' geometry helps to increase contrast and lens rigidty, while reducing glare
  • Magnetic Face Mask Integration quickly seals the face mask to the goggles using a magnetic connection
  • Perceive Lens with extra high contrast so you can see the terrain in all weather conditions

Notice: Please check the specifications below to make sure that you are choosing goggles with a light transmission that meets the requirements of the weather conditions you expect to ski in.

Extra Features:
Wall-To-Wall Vision, Triple Layer Face Foam, Lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane Frame, No-Slip Silicone Strap, Full Perimeter Channel Venting, Outlast Fog Management Face Fleece, Magna-Tech Quick Lens Change Technology, Toric Lens, MFI tech (Magnetic Face Mask Integration), Perceive lens
Face size:
M, L
Lens weathertype:
Partly cloudy, Sunny
Changeable Lens:
Fits with Glasses (OTG):
Helmet Compatible:
Incl. Extra Lens:
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