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Vallely Elephant Skateboard Deck

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It is time to pay tribute to Mike Vallely and his Elephant theme with a fresh skateboard deck

This reissue deck features the distinct signature graphics of Powell team rider and Street Plant owner Mike Vallely. The graphic started out as a Roach, but Mike discarded this design to work with VCJ for an Elephant theme.

Mike's vision of what skateboarding should be:

"100% independent skateboarding for love, for fun. No rules, no divisions, no schools. Just a Skateboard as a paintbrush and the world as an empty canvas. Skate. Create. Enjoy!"s

Dope shape built for street shredding

  • Since Mike was known as one of the nicest street skaters, this deck is of course designed for this
  • Made with the Spoon Nose 2 shape, with a low kicked nose and a massive tail
Deck width:
10" (25.4cm)
Deck length:
30.25" (76.8cm)
15" (38.1cm)
Deck material:
Maple, 7-ply
Deck features:
Kicktail, Directional
Not included
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