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Mystic Diva 3mm Backzip 2018 Womens Wetsuit

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The Diva series of neoprene wear for watersports is designed with a beautiful feminine style and will provide women with a go-to-choice for this seasons activity on the water. The range of full suits provide women with a solid protection from the elements whilst being techy enough to also provide that free movement needed to stay active in the water.

This is the long-sleeved shorty that is great for use with kitesurfing for instance. Full upper body protection from both sun and wind chills. And furthermore it will keep your upper body from getting rashes from for instance kite-harnesses.


  • Flatlock Stitched
    • The flatlock stitch is used mainly for summer wetsuits where water is allowed to come in through the seams. Panels overlap each other and are then stitched all the way through for a super tough and durable seam.
  • Glideskin Double Neck Construction
    • Similar to the Thin Neck Glideskin construction but with folded stitched panels on the outside, leaving only soft round edges in the neck area. Warm and comfortable fit with good water closure.
  • Backup Shield
    • The backup shield is a neoprene panel without collar that sits right beneath the back-zip closure area ensuring that water cannot enter.
  • Back-Zip
    • The Back-Zip is the most classic way of closing up a wetsuit. It is by far the easiest way of entering a suit but will often mean that water can get in through the rear of the neck-liner. This is controlled though, depending on model, with a double liner.


  • M-Flex
    • The M-Flex is a high-end neoprene material with superb flex and an awesome stretch ratio.
Wakeboarding, Kitesurfing, Surfing, Windsurfing, SUP (Stand Up Paddling), Skimboarding
Zip Type:
Back Zip
Water Temperature:
66.2ºF - 77ºF
Wetsuit Type:
Long Sleeve Shorty
Fits with