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Alpinist Adjustable 8 Ski Bindings

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Marker Alpinist Adjustable 8 bindings are perfect for your touring trips into the ungroomed backcountry with great properties for hiking, climbing and descending. They have a DIN setting interval of 3 - 10. Your DIN setting should fall somewhere in the middle of the DIN setting interval for the bindings to function most effectively. Having a weight of only 535 g, these are very light bindings. We recommend choosing a brake arm that is 10 mm to 15 mm wider than the waist of your ski.

  • Climbing Aids Kingpin gives you a 7° or 13° support when you climb and can be accessed via your ski pole even in unstable standing positions
  • The pin toe construction is strengthened by carbon fiber to enhance stiffness, and pads are added to the base of the toe-piece to prevent icing
  • QuickFlick Heel Lifts are easy to flick with the pole or the hand
  • An omnidirectional mechanism that lets you handle the heel lock with either hand so you can change modes easily
  • Equipped with Long Elastic Travel which is a long lever that reduces the risk of early releases, and allows the skier to set the release value at the level that is specified by the ISO standards
  • A system that lets you tether dedicated crampons to the binding

Binding Type:
Alpine Binding, Toe Tech Touring Binding (Hybrid)
Boot Compatibility:
Alpine Adult Boots (ISO 5355), GripWalk Toe Pin Boots (ISO 23223), Touring Boots (ISO 9523)
Brake arm Width:
Max rider weight:
DIN Setting:
3 - 10
Best Use:
Extra Features:
Climbing Aids Kingpin, Carbon Reinforced Pin Toe Ice Pads, QuickFlick Heel Lifts, User Friendly Heel Rotation, Long Elastic Travel, Crampon System
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